Take a Line for a Walk, an Online Drawing Exhibition 

The title of the exhibition, Take a Line for a Walk, is based on a quote by Paul Klee: “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” The title refers to how drawing reveals itself through the process of making as a means of discovery and communication in its purest form. The title also reflects the idea that though we are all homebound, our minds and creativity are free to wander and explore. The exhibit contains drawings by each Musa member plus drawings by an artist invited by each Musa member. No restrictions have been placed on the size or media used in the work and each artist was left to define what drawing means to them. 

All work will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition, with 100% of sales going to the artist. To inquire about a specific work, contact Musa at musacollectiveboston@gmail.com OR contact the artist directly by following their website link at the left.

June 6 - July 31

Featured Artists

Roya Amigh
Nina Bellucci              
Niels Burger
Liz Davenport
Claire Gerard
Jill Grimes
Alison Judd
Marta Kaemmer      
Kathleen Kennedy
Alla Lazebnik
David Mar
Kelly Popoff
Mark Schepens
Noah Sussman  

musacollectiveboston@gmail.com      83 Spring Street, Watertown, MA 02472