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Reddeadredemptionpctorrentfrcrack Answer to your 1st question sudo apt-get install checkdisk The first command checks for a file system and even tries to fix it! If it can not fix it, it will do the next step to clean up the system if it is not already clean uped. I would recommend backing up important files before trying to recover the files. If that fails, try to restore them using your recovery software or you can try to fix the files with a windows based disk recovery tool. I would recommend a Windows based recovery software like Recuva or TestDisk/ PhotoRec. You can also refer to this link for additional recovery software. Answers for your 2nd question With the help of memory dumps, you can find where exactly where the fault is. However, it would be required to find the root cause of the crash. How to find the root cause: In my experience, this can be done via the following steps. i) Finding a good driver for your system. You can check your hardware manufacturer's website to see if there is a linux version of the driver for your system. ii) Use gdb to find out where the fault occurs: Using the backtrace functionality, you can tell gdb where to start its code execution. This can be done by specifying what process to execute and where the instruction pointer (the location to jump to) is. For example: If you run a game, you will get the stack trace. It will show the entry point of the function, where the crash occurred, etc. These are useful when you have a developer or a game author to send you the crash logs. If you have a game crashing frequently, there is a possibility that the crash log that you collected are irrelevant or incomplete. A good way to debug your crashing games is through using the gdb command. iii) Filter out crash logs: This is because a lot of the crash logs are meaningless and usually requires more time to debug. The filter helps you keep the crash logs that you need to focus on. These are very helpful in solving crashes. Many developers and game authors will provide this filter. If not, you will need to write a script that can filter

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Reddeadredemptionpctorrentfrcrack BETTER

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